Holger Brune – Master of Art – M.A.

IMG_20170713_164352freelance photographer
graduated from NYIP – New York, USA
Oriental studies at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
twitter: @hbphotography

Member of German Press Association DPV e.V.

6 Gedanken zu „vita

  1. Hi Holger,

    I’m a part of a danish brand and we love your pictures and get inspired of the multicultural and the personal though in your pictures. Is it possible for us to use some of your pictures under the menu „inspiration“ on our homepage?

    Thanks in advance

    Have a lovely day.

    Yours faitfully
    Amir Hoodaji

  2. Hi Holger,
    Above all else, I’d say I’m Azzeddine the Algerian guy you met in Hammamet Yasmine, Tunisa and to who you introduced your Turkish wife and your son Khalil Djabrane. It’s actually a big pleasure to get acquainted with you. I really like your photos and all what you do. See you soon.

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